5 Simple Healthy Home Made Foods For Ramadan

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

What makes me interesting in cooking is because I love foods. Somehow foods make me excited. I feel better straight away when not feeling well just from thinking about foods, lol. Specially in Ramadan. I love cooking even more. My hubby and son love having meal at home than in restaurant - well, unless if I said I want to, lol.

So because of that, I choose only healthy foods for my family. Good thing that  my family love vegetables and fruit and
vegetables in Indonesia are everywhere, easy to get.

Usually healthy foods contain vegetables with enough nutrition, vitamin and iron. The good thing is I can find them easily in Indonesia and also cheaper!
I love exploring foods when in the kitchen. The result is I got many new recipes that my hubby and son love them so much.

And here the foods that healthy and also very easy and simple to cook. These foods no need too many ingredients but yet still delicious!

1. Simple English breakfast It is not really English breakfast but definitely this is not from Indonesia or Asia.

This breakfast was inspired when I lived in Ireland. I always add fresh tomato, fried for less than 1 minute, better not too cook though. You can change the bacon with turkey if you like.

Time cooking only 10 minutes. Depend how many items you want to have for your breakfast but 2 eggs, 3 bacons, 1 tomato  and some slices of toasts might make you full enough.

2. Fried rice vegetables and salmon

The fried rice was actually just incident cooking. It wasn't really normal fried rice actually - so basically I only mix the rice with vegetables: carrots, broccolis and adding black pepper with salt and then stir it for two minutes.

3. Cap Cay 100%
Cap cay in Indonesia means stir vegetables. It contains meat or seafood with vegetables but I prefer all just vegetables. My family prefer mix with some meat or seafoods.

The cap cay vegetables normally contain of broccoli, cun flower, carrots, peas, etc. I love adding more broccoli. I was told that broccoli was very good to prevent cancer. So more broccoli please!

4. Snapper fish for dinner!
Hubby loves fish, any fish from the sea he would eat it! Specially snapper, he love s it soooooo much! Unlike my son who only eat boneless fish, my hubby now is better at eating fish (^.^).

I usually cook snapper in yellow curry sauce. But instead of giving coconut milk I just add more tomatoes and that makes the soup ticker, also healthier!

5. Beef, chicken steak with a lot of vegetables! 

Prime round steak or medallion steak are the best for steak. They're soft even I cook in well done level. Other than those types of steaks might chewy when you cook in well done level. My family and I prefer well done.

I would add salt, black pepper and olive oil before cooking it. Usually 45 minutes or even longer and I put it back on the fridge. The taste is so delicious when adding the ingredients before cooking it.

Those five type foods are very easy to cook and I don't put too many ingredients - sometimes one or two ingredients can make your foods delicious too. I teach our helper at home to cook with less salt or avoid the instant noodles and flavors that are not too good for our health.

So there are my ideas of healthier foods for Ramadan. I'll be back soon , ya!


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