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Last Thursday I attended a workshop at Locanda restaurant in Panin Tower Sudirman in South Jakarta. Most participants were mom bloggers. I was interested in coming to this workshop as the discussion was quite interesting, it was about breakfast.

Why am interested in discussing about breakfast? I love breakfast. So do people in my family. Somehow my hubby didn't breakfast before when we met, but he do now since I force him to (^.^). My son didn't have problem with having breakfast. I myself don't think can start the day without having breakfast first. Any breakfast will do. Well, usually fried rice. In Indonesia, people used to with heavy breakfast. So did I. I grew up with eating rice three times a day with the same main course!

But in my 38 age eating rice three times make my stomach feel heavier, specially when I don't do exercise. So I try to reduce the portion of the rice. It's actually a good change because after that I feel lighter and healthier.

What a healthy breakfast should like
I'm not a nutritionist neither an expert in health care. But it should be easy for us to know about healthy foods. Any breakfast that is not too heavy but has a lot of nutrition and vitamin in the foods should be called as a healthy breakfast.

My son used to with heavy breakfast, usually fried rice. I know it would give him energy but after a while he find himself sleepy in the morning due to too full his stomach. So I change the breakfast with a glass of hot Milo and a slice of toast. He's now no longer eating heavy breakfast. As long as he has hot drink or juice in the morning, that would safe him at least until 10am.

The fresh orange juice is our favorite at home. We love to drink it in the morning. I make the orange juice manually by pressing the orange in the juice maker. Usually 15 oranges are enough for the three of us. Sometimes that will make our stomach full enough at least until two hours later. If that doesn't make us full, I make egg scramble. Fresh orange juice and scramble eggs should safe us until lunch time.

Nutrition and vitamin in every foods for my son. My grow up teen son loves foods very much. If the nutrition is not enough on his foods he would go hungry very easily. He also love snacks, instead of having stock of snacks I make him healthy snacks at home. Usually I make fried banana with cheese or chocolate for the topping. He loves that very much. Or toast with cheese for the topping. I always have a stock of good cheese in the fridge, not much though but I always have it.

Fruits are easy to have in the morning and much healthier! We always have fruits at home. Any fruits but durian. Only my son likes durian, hubby and I will go away from its smell. Either making juice or just eat it right away, we love both ways. I always have these fruits at home as they're easy to buy and prepare: Papaya, Pineapple, manggo, apple.

Breakfasts above are not just light but also very healthy. Since I change and my family the eating habit it also change our health.

Breakfast is not just save us from weakness and experts believe it can save us from lethargy syndrome or in other words chronic fatigue syndrome.

So still thinking breakfast is not important?

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  1. I am used to eating uduk rice every morning before working, somehow If I don't eat breakfast, I will get limp. As you know, approximately jakarta peoples spend 1 hour to go workplace, and it really need energy to face the traffic jam


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