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Thursday, June 04, 2015 Unknown 1 Comments

The people in Indonesia should be happy enough now with the new application  that is made to safe all the medical records. This application is Indonesian product  and believed to be the first health application in Indonesia.

The application can be installed from Google Play and it's free! I myself just did on Tuesday.
Now, I have my MedictTrust account!

Installing the appliation is very easy, just like other application, you just need sufficient space on your device to install MedicTrust and it  only takes few minutes, after that it's all yours. You need to sign up to use this application works for you.

What MedicTrust can do for us?
A lot of benefits we can get when registering to MedicTrust. One of those are tosave all your medical records. 

Any health documents can be uploaded to  your medicTrust persosafe all the medical records at home. And yet, the documents might be broken after a while.nal account. Make sure to take clean photos before uploading to your MedicTrust account as that will effect the reading result.

Features on application medictrust

Sample to upload your medical record

If your doctor has Medictrust account that would make easier to you and the doctor. Anyone or any other account users will not be able to see your medical records, even your doctor. They will be asked for it by MedicTrust and the MedicTrust ask your permission.

Can MedicTrust use for a family?
Yes it can. Any your family can be put in one account up to 5 people. 
Having a family account is helpful and handier, in other words less hassle when searching!

You can upgrade your account to VIP as well! 
It is a great idea of MedicTrust to make such an application. It's not just efficient but also teach us to use technology in a smarter way.

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  1. aplikasinya menarik ya, memudahkan kita untuk menyimpan rekam medis ya
    makasih mba untuk reviewnya :)


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