#KEBJarvisTalk: How Jarvis Store Is The Solution For Blogpreneurs

Monday, June 15, 2015 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

I've been thinking of having my own online shop for long time but most of the time it just ended as an idea. My first thought about having online shop is something that not easy to do.

I had an online shop before using my personal blog but I thought it didn't work well because of many things. Two of those things were because the theme that didn't look professional and the other was difficult to manage it.

At the same time my knowledge about website design is limited so I wouldn't dare to buy a website without IT professional helps and that must be very expensive spent for starting small business, so I guess it's not worth it at all.

Until last week, I attended the bloggers gathering, my idea to have the online shop came to me again.
From Jarvis Store for blogpreneurs
Finally, there is a new application that can fulfill my dream to have my own online shop. It's called Jarvis Store.

What is Jarvis Store

Jarvis Store is an application for making your own online shop. With Jarvis Store online shop is much easier to modify and manage. 

First thing you need to do is sign up in Jarvis Store site or you can install the Beta version at Google play. I signed up my online shop a week ago at gathering. To sign up is free and only need less than two minutes to do it.

Using the application is much easier, your work can be done with your phone or tablet anywhere at anytime.

We can also check the top buyer through the setting. The feature of the top buyer is a brilliant idea, I'd love to check this feature all the time!  Just like normal blog, there is also a draft where we can check how many visitors in our online shop. If you already experience at blogspot, this application is a piece of cake for you.

We can also change the theme according to our need, even the name of your online shop. Anything has been designed properly according to blogger's knowledge and even for beginners.

Safe payment and trusted
An online shop with personal bank account might not be really trusted for payment, people usually worry for being scammed, and this often happen in Indonesia.

Jarvis Store has made the design for the payment setting, with more safety way and trusted, like through Paypal. I would much prefer to have this way, which is more efficient and safe for both sides, the seller and the buyer.

My impressions with Jarvis Store is it helps a lot many to release their own online business in professional looks with less technical jobs.


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