One Day Trip To Lapas Sukamiskin In Bandung

Saturday, June 13, 2015 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

This was my first visit to Lapas Sukamiskin in Bandung. I'm glad that I was invited to go here as a blogger and thank to Ersa Koraag who was invited and company me to this trip. The trip was really excited as there were also seniors of PWI came with us. I decided to drive myself instead of taking bus with them as I had another planning for Bandung - you guess what (^.^). So Waya - a mom blogger - and I were starting the trip from my house at 7 o'clock.

The trip to Lapas was about 3 hours driving and we arrived safely in the location although though was a bit lost at the start, lol. The group PWI and bloggers were arrived in Lapas Sukamiskin not long ago before us. It was difficult to find the park due to busy with the visitors. I got my car parked not far from the bus parked.

The entrance door of Lapas Sukamandi did not look like a door at all, we were confused looking for the entrance at the moment. When we get to the entrance, the people in uniforms asked us to leave our phones at the front - so no chance for us to take a photo at all. Until in a 'aula' I saw our friends were already there enjoying their lunch. A woman told us to get lunch first, and we didn't hesitate any longer to grab the foods as we were starving.

After the lunch we were introduced to Mr Indar Atmanto, a telecommunications executive who is currently in prison. Whatever his story was, to me he was such a nice man and inspiring. He speech was touching and also I got his signed books, one for hubby and the other for my son.

After the introduction with Mr Indar, we were permitted to visit Soekarno's jail -first Indonesian president- for some reasons I could just stay less than 2 minutes in that very tiny room. Perhaps because I was a woman, I wasn't really enjoying being there for long.

We finished at Lapas Sukamiskin around 4pm and then continued to have dinner in Pasir Kaliki. The lunch and dinner were both delicious. Everyone seemed very happy with this trip, I hope so.

One thing that I learn from seeing Mr Indar is sincere and strong as well as fighting for the truth is never easy thing to be done, but nothing is impossible until it's done, if we can't do it for ourselves then do it for our loved ones. 


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