SPARK Burgreens In A Healthy Food Campaign For Children In Indonesia

Thursday, June 18, 2015 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

We always think that junk foods aren't healthy, like burger for example. But here is the food that when first time I look at this food, I said: "what burger? They said it's healthy? Are you kidding me?". Until I try it then I know that it isn't burger.

It's called Burgreens. Burgreens has very unique recipe, it's eaten with bread, just like burger. But the ingredients itself is far away healthier than burger.

Normal burger can only stay for 1-2 hours, but when Burgreens keeps you from hunger for longer. There is no such a trick in making the recipe for Burgreen. 

Instead of meat, Burgreen change it to avocado with selected peanuts, and vegetables as well. Because Burgreens has enough nutrition in it so it makes you away from hunger for at least your next meal time.

I think the idea of making burger like Burgreens is brilliant and smart. The campaign of Burgreens itself was sponsored by DBS Indonesia, by calling its campaign "Igniting possibilities, Sparking Joy" DBS Indonesia helps Burgreens to promote their knowledge to the society about good foods. 

The Burgreens campaigns start in the elementary schools in Jakarta. With the theme campaign "Burgreens Goes To School", this campaign to the young kids are believed to be good target for the campaign. The campaign contains cooking demo and involving the kids to also participate in cooking. 

I wish more communities in Indonesia like SPARK Burgreens, spread positive campaigns about healthy living in Indonesia. 


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