Why Healthy Foods Are Important in The First 1000 Days of a Child's Life #NutrisiTalk

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The discussion yesterday with Nutrisi Untuk Bangsa and Prof Agus led me back to where my son was just born. And that inspires me to share my thoughts of how important to teach our kids about good eating habit since they're baby. 

This idea also came to me when I saw many friends of my son were mostly picky eater. 

How kids will become it will depen on what we give to them. Anything we give to them it will become a habit and then become their pattern in their life, not just for them but the whole family in the house. The worst thing is if that bad pattern continues. 

When friends ask me how my son has a good habit at eating, and these are my answers.

0 - 1 year old
My son was born with weight 3.4kg, normal and healthy. He was breastfeeding for two years and had no problem to stop it. From 0-4 months he got breastfeeding and helped from baby milk. After four months, I started to give him fresh smoothie juice or vegetables like papaya? He loved it so much. Then I changed the fruits everyday. 

At age 7 months, he ate rice porridge mix smooth basil. In the morning, he had his breastfeeding first, then ate his juice. In the afternoon, he had his vegetable juice again . With the helps of fresh vegetable and fruit juice, he wasn't hungry all the time and got his breastfeeding schedule on time. 

During this age, I tried few times to give him instant foods for baby from the food court but he always refused to eat it.

1 - 2 years old
My son loves fresh foods or home made foods, this is because from his eating habit since baby. On his first year, I started to give him rice as well as porridge. His favourite menu was tuna soup, he loved that! He had that menu three times a week. 

This time, I didn't really mixer the vegetables too soft so he could exercise his new teeth with those rough texture of the vegetables. His taste to explore more foods was starting at this age, and I came with the idea to made special baby cookies for him :D. 

During the day, he allowed to have one cookie :D.

3 - 4 years old
At this age my son had already have his habit for eating healthy foods. He would refuse to eat his meal without vegetables - he would even ask for it if he didn't see ones on his plate! 

His meal time was always on time since he was baby, even just for snack. 

He's now 15 years old, grow as a healthy and active boy at school. He still continue that habit to eat only good foods, as he always had when he was baby. He's not just healthy but also smart in academic.

And, I believe giving enough nutrition on the first 1000 days of a child's life is really important for their physical and brain development.


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