You'd Love These Traditional Indonesian Foods (1)

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I love talking about foods during Ramadan :D, it keeps me motivate what to cook for break fasting :D. Special when my son asking this question during Ramadan: "What is for break fasting, Mom?"

Like a chef, I would start to look for the ideas what should we have for break fasting during the day. Usually our helper would ask the same question as well in the morning. Everyone seems so excited to talk what to have for break fasting during ramadan :D.

These delicious foods below I always love to have for dinner, they're cooked a bit spicy though so watch out!
Fish soup. This is my favorite one! First time I know how delicious fish soup is when I was in Kintamani Bali. The smell of the herbs that coming from the soup is so yummy and tasty too. With few ingredients: small onion, garlic, lemon grass and salt, make tge  taste is delicious!

Bake tofu (Pepe's tahu). Most Indonesian people would love this traditional west java foods. Our helper is good at making this. Usually we chose white very soft tofu or calls Japanese tofu. We chose this tofu as easiee to mix with the other ingredients.

It can be done by grill it or steam it. It will be nicer if cover with banana leaves. Somehow taste is more delicious if using banana leaf.

Yellow curry red snapper. Exploring fish to cook in different way is something that enjoyable, specially if you like fish. So instead of just steam or grill, I make yellow curry for red snapper. Taste different and delicious too!

Salty fish with corn. Don't cook this too often at home because it can trigger your appetite! I cook the salty fish with a lot of herbs and green tomatoes and corn. At the end I add basil to fresh the smell and the taste.

Manado Porridge. This porridge is very famous in Indonesia. Originally from Manado in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Very healthy food because contain of many very vegetables with a lot of irons in them. It's very good for pregnancy.

Mackerel in spicy sauce! This food is even too spicy for me sometimes. But its delicious makes me forget how spicy it is!

Papaya flower or bunga pepaya. First time I ate papaya flower was in Manado Restaurant. It's pure 100% papaya flower, no another mix vegetables in it apart from the spice. It's so tasty!

Bake soya bean or Tempe. This is good if your vegetarian. I find many europeans eat tempe as well when I lived in Dublin . Taste is a bit boring if you don't know how to cook it. Many ways to cook Tempe in Indonesia, but my son loves so much Tempe orek.

Those foods based on what most people like in Indonesia, some of those foods come from different regions in Indonesia buy generally people love the foods.
I'll be back with new traditional Indonesian foods :D.


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