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Gallstone has two types: one is cholesterol and pigment stone. And I had no idea what type of gallstone I had. I heard that the cholesterol stone can be treated orally but it takes years to get properly heal.

Anyway. They gave us information all the surgery cost of the hospital. The surgery will take one night stay in hospital if everything goes well and of course they told us the possible risks of the surgery.

So, husband and I preferred to discuss about going to have surgery in that hospital (my husband almost made appointment for the surgery straight away that day).

We finally decided to go back to Jakarta and think of what best to do.

8 years ago

My lifestyle has been healthy enough since I was younger till now. I don't smoke and I exercise regularly. I drink occasionally.
However, my eating might be the problem which I thought it was okay.

I loved chilli. My meals had to be spicy. If possible I wanted very very spicy! I often cook foods in deep fried.

My foods: Spicy and oily.

So that where the minor problem started.
Starting with mild cramping on my stomach. I would get this cramping right away after eating spicy foods.

Happened one day when I crave for Thai food. I order chicken Pad Thai and I added a lot of dry chilly. It took only two minutes after finishing my meal I threw up.

Since the trouble with the cramps I started to reduce eating chilli. But the cramps didn't stop me from eating chilli.

Other symptom was I felt nausea in the morning, that happened if my stomach empty in the morning.

I didn't think the cramp was serious so I never been to doctor to check up. My medicine that time was Colpermin. It helped me to stop the cramp.

10 months before the surgery: Exercise, Healthy diet

Since having gallbladder symptoms I started to change my eating habit and in the exercise specially. I did exercise 3 to 4 times a week. Sometimes I exercise all week.

I tried to mix up the exercise style and I make sure I love the exercise.

My exercise that I had regularly before surgery is Body Pump, Yoga, Zumba and RPM.

√ The body pump was my favourite one. It the exercise that requires lifting on your body. Normally I did three times a week.
√ Yoga was a must. I had to have this exercise at least once a week. It's very good for body and mind relaxation.
√ Zumba or dance class. I did it for fun, Monday and Wednesday.
√ RPM pumping my heart. Felt great afterward.

While regularly doing the exercise I also changed my eating habits.

√ No sugar or caffeine
√ More fruits and veggies everyday
√ Less oil in my cooking, often just grilled 
√ Less carbohydrate
√ More protein, often eggs in the morning
√ Small portion of meals (4-5 times/day)

My bed time became early (went bed at 9pm) because I felt tired from the exercise. 

I did that lifestyle with all the pains come and go.

The procedure of Surgery

We finally decided to have the surgery in Jakarta. The hospital where near us. This the best thing to do for us. I need to be closed to my family and friends. It was easy for them if they want to visit me. This surgery was my first surgery in my life, I wanted to be home.

We met the doctor surgery and having a discussion about surgery. After meeting the doctor my husband convinced me that  to have the surgery with this doctor. 

So everything was arranged included another two appointment with specialists.

First specialist was to check my lungs. As I had a little but asthma, they wanted to check if my lungs were okay. 

The outcome was I had tolerant bronchitis. I asked the specialist if that okay for me with the surgery. They said fine. They suggested for steaming before the surgery.

The second specialist was for general anaesthetic. Things went well with this checking.

I was required to fast (at least) 10 hours before the surgery. 

All checks went smoothly. But there was a problem:

I was so nervous thinking about the surgery: what if everything goes wrong?

Hubby convinced me that everything was going to be fine (even I knew he was nervous too).


  1. Hi. Anymore updates? How is it going post surgery? When were you able to do bodypump again?


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