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I think anyone who has their first experience in surgery will feel nervous. With hubby's support I try to think about what more positive things I will have after the surgery. Because there is no way to keep the gallstone forever in my body and I don't want to live with that pain in my life. Not anymore.

All the procedures that required have been done and now just waiting the day of the surgery.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my doctors both from Singapore and Jakarta advised me to have low fat diet. As I had been doing that so it wasn't problem for me to do it.
We came to the hospital early morning. By 8am we were already there for check in. They suggested two days staying and we booked for VIP room.

As we arrived early and the surgery was at 1pm so we had a lot of time relaxing and watching TV.

They gave me steam for my asthma, about 15 minutes then handed a new surgery  uniform  as well as its antiseptic that need to be wiped all over my body.

Every hospital is different. They're going to give you a suggestion according to your needs (or maybe). My advise is do what you think is fit your situation or the best to you.

I can't remember how long was the surgery but thank God it went well. On the same day after the surgery I was able to walk by myself to the toilet. No feel pain yet as the painkiller was still injected but the day after the surgery I started to feel the pain from the surgery.

My doctor said the stich look fine and nothing to worry about. I was told that I can eat anything I want but I chose to eat something soft like soup or juice. Also, I try to move my body, not lying on the bed all the time.

The second day after the surgery the doctor allowed me to go home.

I felt a bit pain in the surgery area when walking for a week but it's normal. I have no problem going to toilet: maybe because I chose to eat soft food instead for nearly two weeks, and my recovery the doctor said was quite fast.

On the twelfth after the surgery I was able doing exercise like treadmill (doing this very slowly) and yoga (was able doing the Kutkutasana!)

The bottom line
Everyone has different condition in recovery. I think what makes my recovery is so fast because I change my lifestyle long before the surgery and after the surgery. I think no doctors would tell you what to eat or do and no to do after the surgery. It's all up to you. So you decide what goods for your body.

I started doing body pump class after two months of surgery. Of course I did  with light weight and gradually doing other exercise as well. Not to mention I do yoga as well.

After the surgery I feel stronger than ever. That's right. Before the surgery, there was no way for me to do the body pump, that would kill me right away on the spot. Even after yoga sometime I could get so painful in my chest.

If you have any question about gallbladder or my surgery experience feel free to contact me personally.

Jkt, 21.11-13102017

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