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Sunday, December 03, 2017 JS Hanniffy 1 Comments

WelcomeTo JengSri's Blog

This blog is my personal blog. Established in June 2007. The blog contains product reviews and just ordinary life stories of mine (and trust me there still a review involve in the life stories, lol).

About the writer 
I'm a very ordinary woman who living in Jakarta with my family. Having a background in Psychology and now I have a strong interest in Humanity and Yoga. 

Started blogging since 2003 and writing review since 2007.

Here is a list of companies that been reviewed by me:

1.  Maxim & Hustler Magazine
2.  Lonely Planet
3.  Car Accessories: BMW, Lamborghini, Chevy, Mercedez, Jaguar, Honda.
4.  ADT: Monitored home security system
5.  Yankee Candle
6.  Elliot Insurance
7.  Residential Mailbox
8.  Hansen Ceiling
9.  Social Cast
10. Branders Online Shopping
11. Oxford Medical School
12. SAF Software
13. WikiShop
14. ACER
15. ColdPress Juice Indonesia
16. Gold Coins Gain
17. Tutor Vista: Online Algebra tutor
18. Posy Lane
19. Simply Rain Barrels
20. Home Loan Modification
21. Repairyourbadcredit.com
22. Directsattv.com

etc ...

Love is in the air
Bogging give me so many benefits and it not just about writing (and money!), I accidentally meet good people who become my good friends.

.... and the love story still continue :).

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  1. Hi Sri,

    Congratulations for your blog!!! I found it because AJ comment about in his Twitter, I really think that as you say written in English is the best way to improve English skills

    See you,



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